Fashion Manifesto – The Guide for the Style-Savvy

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We consume clothes like fast food, stuffing our groaning wardrobes like sartorial gluttons, but with every trendy new garment that ends up hanging

unused at the back of the closet, we lose some clothing common sense.  In August 2009, fashion personality Sofia Hedström subjected her overweight wardrobe to a detox and stopped clothes shopping for one year. Her mission was to become fashion fit and, together with well-known photographer Anna Schori, she found a thriving frugal fashion movement and discovered the secrets of both young fashionistas and old masters of style from all over the world.

Equal parts memoir, manifesto and how-to, this book will chronicles Sofia Hedström’s non-shopping journey through New York, Paris and Milan’s Fashion Weeks and in everyday life.  It also articulates 7 principles or essential rules to become fashion fit.

Finally, the book provides 50 simple and playful “recipes” for reinventing garments. Based on Sofia’s travels from Reykjavik to Brooklyn, the book shows readers how to bury t-shirts in the ground, transform a button down shirt into a pair of pants, and cover stains with embroidery.

We can all be “style smart.”  Promising to transform readers’ relationship to fashion forever, the book prove that while clothes are an indispensable tool for personal expression and social change, shopping isn’t the solution.

An exclusive foreword by world famous designer Vivienne Westwood sets the tone.
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